Monday, March 14, 2022

Empire Ogres wip (March 2022)

Its been so long since I've posted I barely remember how.

I haven't been motivated to take pics of the work I've done over the past couple years. Hopefully that will be changing soon. 

Also likely going forward I will only be posting previews here as I don't really like facebook and google both being run by censorship happy perverts and pedoes. 

For now here is a test pic of my wip Imperial Ogre mercenaries.

(you can also see I've been going crazy with the 3d printer)

Hopefully I will be back soon.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Highlanders and mountain folk

The great mountains surrounding the empire of men are full of fierce monsters, goblinoids of all sorts and bitter weather.
Few men choose to live under such conditions but those that do are as rugged as the mountains and as fierce as the beasts that surround them not to mention generally drunk on a variety of distilled liquors.
Some are mere bandits and ruffians no better then Goblins and Orcs but most are god fearing men and make hardy allies for both the dwarves of the mountains and the mighty realms of men.

Here is my envisioning of a band of Grey Mountain highlanders.  Made from the the Oathmark generic humans. I was tempted, as most people seem to be, to change their shields out with rounds ones.  However I decided to stick with the square shields as the shape is a little reminiscent of the square Pictish shields that shows up in art work. Painted in lots of yellows, greens and some plaids with an aim of giving them a more generic Celtic/Gaelic look with a fantasy flare. Added a few heads from Fireforge miniatures and their captain and bagpiper are from Antediluvian Miniatures Galloglass.

I have a second unit of these fantasy Highlanders I am working on using FireForge Scandinavians. Given the holidays are slowing progress down a bit hopefully in the next month or two I'll have them finished.

Since I had them out, here's a quick pic of the Perry Miniatures medieval cottage.  Its a nice model but a little bit too pricey for what you get.  The smaller houses in the background are from Renendra, nifty little models and much better priced.

Bye for now-

Monday, December 16, 2019

Goblin heroes, rogues and adventurers

A mixed bag of Goblin hero sorts that I finished off a couple months ago.  Mostly Knightmare Games but a few other manufacturers as well.

The fantastic fellow in the middle is from 4A Miniatures and one of my favorites. His no-nonsense expression certainly commands respect.

A couple more Knightmare Games goblins. Excellent examples of Kev 'Goblinmaster' Adams excellent work. If Frazetta ever painted heroic goblins I'd imagine they'd look exactly like the fella with the axe, I'm sure he stole that helmet from Thulsa Doom himself.

I call him the stag hunter. This is a formerly Heart Breaker (Tim Prow) goblin now reproduced in resin by Impact! miniatures.  A good sharp miniature and another one of my favorites with his outrageous antlers and giant sword. Definitely not the sort of gobbo to mess with.

An exceptionally well armored goblin with his pet squigly beast. Painted in bronze as he reminds me of some old Homeric aged warrior. 

Another quirky gobbo and his squig hound picked up with the Shield Wall kickstarter. Despite being resin he's quite a nice miniature. 

A Harlequin/Black Tree Design goblin shaman and another Knightmare Games goblin. I wasn't impressed with the shaman until after I painted him. He turned out quite nice and is now one of my favorite goblin shaman models. This picture doesn't quite bring out much of his details. 
As for the samurai gobbo, I have a handful of eastern and samurai styled goblins but this one is easily my favorite. Not sure if thats supposed to be his natural face or if he's wearing a menpo, so either he's wearing face armor or he's painted his face to look like he's wearing face armor.

A nice champion with a commanding pose and a wonderfully gobliny shield. The usual excellent work of Kev Adams for Knightmare Games.

And last a goblin hero to help lead my considerable and ever expanding wolf rider legions.

Thanks again for looking!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Armored Goblin Mercenaries

An advanced sense of self preservation, short attention span, a bit treacherous, dimwhitted...   just a few reasons Goblins make terrible soldiers.

But occasionally after surviving a few battles through luck and uncharacteristic courage (mostly luck though) a few Goblins find themselves with the skills and prestige necessary to make a living as professional soldiers to a degree.

Occasionally these "fearless" Goblins band together under the leadership of some famed Goblin hero and ply their trade as mercenaries.

Here we have Mad Mic'Alexon and the Black Iron brigade. Have peasants that need subduing, they can help. Halflings that need extorting, they can help. Luggage needs guarded, they can help. Yeah, don't expect too much from these guys, they are still Goblins after all.

The Black Iron brigade are arrayed in pieced together heavy armor with large extravagant helmets being particularly prized and they are drilled in the use of the halberd in imitation of the soldiers of the realms of men.

Most of these guys are from Knightmaregames line of Greenskin Wars goblins.  A few are from other sources such as Four A Miniatures, Rafm and Citadel. A few are sad plastic Gobbos I greenstuffed some extra armor onto to push the head count of the unit up to 30.

Thanks for looking, more coming soon.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Common Goblins revisited

Back to the common goblins.

Back in the beginning of this blog I first posted these guys.  This is my primary regiment of standard everyday Goblins that I've run with for years.  And for years they've only numbered at 30 troopers.  I finally got around to re-organizing them. Pulled a few out to join other upcoming units and padded up the unit to a head count of 42 Gobbos now.

42 looks and feels much better the 30.  

Thanks for looking,

Even more Goblin Wolfriders!

My third unit of Goblin Wolfriders and I can say I'm thoroughly tired of painting wolves. For this interested here's links to the previous wolfrider units completed:

These guys should be the last of my Citadel and Marauder wolfriders I have kicking about and are a little bit of a hodgepodge. Mostly just basic goblins with hand weapons and shields and I can split 5 or 6 off into their own unit with short bows.

No name for these guys yet.

The champion got one of my new resin shields from the Shieldwall kickstarter.
Adds a fare bit of character me thinks.

Thanks for looking. More to come soon.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Orktober 2019 I got the band together.

Just a quick one for this Orctober (Orktober). After more then 25 years I finally got the band together.  I originally bought these guys when they first came out (1991?) but unfortunately I got a little screwed as my pack was missing the fist pump guy but came with an extra guitarist (bassist?).

A couple year ago I manage to get a hold of the missing dude and this past weekend I painted him up in time to celebrate Orktober.

Sorry, no time for good pics, the phone camera will have to suffice for now.

Shame they never made a proper drummer for the band, but I'm sure I can rummage something up before next Orktober.

The past couple months have actually been pretty productive. I've finished off another unit of wolf riders, expanded my old unit of Goblin infantry from 30 to 42, finished a unit of armored elite Goblins, various terrain and about 10 or so Goblin heroes and what-nots.  I just don't have the time to properly take pics. Hopefully the middle of next month I can find some time.

For the next few months I'm putting the greenskins aside to work on my Border Princes mercenary army.  Since I've got the camera phone out here's sneak peak of what I'm working one.  I'm going for a generic celtic/gaelic look.
These are the Oathmark infantry with a few head swaps from various Fireforge plastics. The couple command figures are Galloglass by Antidiluvian miniatures I think.

Thanks for looking and have a happy and safe Halloween.