Monday, March 14, 2022

Empire Ogres wip (March 2022)

Its been so long since I've posted I barely remember how.

I haven't been motivated to take pics of the work I've done over the past couple years. Hopefully that will be changing soon. 

Also likely going forward I will only be posting previews here as I don't really like facebook and google both being run by censorship happy perverts and pedoes. 

For now here is a test pic of my wip Imperial Ogre mercenaries.

(you can also see I've been going crazy with the 3d printer)

Hopefully I will be back soon.


  1. Hello,
    we had looked at your blog several times, but having entered/returned to the hobby only in 2020 we had not been able to read new posts anymore.
    We are happy that you have come back to write here and have done so by presenting a terrific, colorful and aggressive ogres formation. We recognize some Knightmare badasses and other Warmonger "great orcs", but which manufacturer do the others come from (e.g. standard bearer)?

  2. Hi Rodor March,
    The standard bearer and the one on the far left are both 3D resin printed with some light conversion work. Once I'm dome with the unit about half of them will have come from the printer. eg:

  3. Thank you very much for the information: one more reason to seriously consider the possibility of finally buying a 3D printer ...
    A side comment: our nickname is simply Rodor (we are a father and a daughter), while March is the month we are in; but we confess that "Rodor March" has a truly epic tone in English ... we could almost change our nickname!

    1. Lol, sorry I have no idea why added "March" to your name.