Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thoughts on the old boyz.

I thought I'd offer a few thoughts on these pre-slotta base Orcs while I'm waiting for myself to finish painting the Ol' Rusty Axe Gang.

These guys seem to belong to two different series; half seem to be from the old Fantasy Tribe's while the other are from the 'Armored Orcs' all of which were sculpted by the Perry brothers I believe.

Character and charm gets tossed around a lot when describing old miniatures and these guys are certainly packed with loads of it.  Nothing says charming like a couple severed heads hanging from your belt! The faces all display a myriad of expressions from stern to malicious joy. What really makes these guys stand out is all their little oddities especially on the armored Orcs.  The armor itself has an exotic quality and forces your mind to wonder off imagining where these dirty Orcs acquired such fine armor… no doubt torn from the corpses of defeated warriors from exotic and strange lands… but who were these strange warriors with helms sporting avian beaks or with curled horns and nautical crests?

Here is an example of the more basic Orcs. Obviously they are variations of the same body with heads swaps and extra bits of armor added here and there.  The one on the left is the worst of the bunch, his head is angled awkwardly and his right arm looks almost as if it’s in a shirt sleeve but he has no shirt on under the chain mail, a bit of a rush job by the looks.  But still only the one bad apple out of the lot so I shouldn’t complain.

Now back to painting…

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