Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thoughts on the old boyz.

I thought I'd offer a few thoughts on these pre-slotta base Orcs while I'm waiting for myself to finish painting the Ol' Rusty Axe Gang.

These guys seem to belong to two different series; half seem to be from the old Fantasy Tribe's while the other are from the 'Armored Orcs' all of which were sculpted by the Perry brothers I believe.

Character and charm gets tossed around a lot when describing old miniatures and these guys are certainly packed with loads of it.  Nothing says charming like a couple severed heads hanging from your belt! The faces all display a myriad of expressions from stern to malicious joy. What really makes these guys stand out is all their little oddities especially on the armored Orcs.  The armor itself has an exotic quality and forces your mind to wonder off imagining where these dirty Orcs acquired such fine armor… no doubt torn from the corpses of defeated warriors from exotic and strange lands… but who were these strange warriors with helms sporting avian beaks or with curled horns and nautical crests?

Here is an example of the more basic Orcs. Obviously they are variations of the same body with heads swaps and extra bits of armor added here and there.  The one on the left is the worst of the bunch, his head is angled awkwardly and his right arm looks almost as if it’s in a shirt sleeve but he has no shirt on under the chain mail, a bit of a rush job by the looks.  But still only the one bad apple out of the lot so I shouldn’t complain.

Now back to painting…

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Did I say Old Orcs?

Well here I was thinking I'd be posting weekly updates to this blog and no sooner then I left my first post when real life caught up... Halloween for the kiddo, hunting trip, water pump on the Jeep blew out, and now the wife says she wants the railing for the stairs remodeled by Dec 7th. Given the unskilled labor I use (me, myself and I) the remodeling project is going to take a lot longer then that but I better make an effort or catch hell.

So not much going on in the hobby world at the moment. I did manage to gather up my old pre-slotta Orcs. I think these old guys will be my first foray back into the Orcs and Goblins. I just took these quick picks and and they are now relaxing in a Simple Green bath. Hopefully this weekend they'll be ready to be painted.

I'll call these guys the Ol' Rusty Axe Gang.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mordro Valley

No painting done yet. What little painting time I have has been devoted to finishing up my old school Imperial Guard (Army). But I have been putting some thought into where my Greenskins are going to live.  
So I present to you this map I concocted of Mordro Valley (sadly squashed by photobucket so all the place names are barely legible). Hopefully over the coming weeks I'll be developing some fluff for landmarks.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Whats a blog without a picture to get it started.  Lots more classics where that came from, just need to find time.

...'ere we go...

This will be my little space on the internets for all things Greenskin or Goblinoid if you prefer.

Over the many years I have collected a great number of Orcs and Goblins and there cousins the Hobgoblins, spurred on by the advent of ebay circa 2000.  Sadly I have had little time to paint them the last several years though this certainly hasn't deterred me from collecting more of them quite the contrary.

Anyhow, I now sit atop a mountain of greenskins crying to be painted.  This blog is intended to show my progress on anything greenskin related.

So as they say...  'ere we go....