Sunday, August 17, 2014

New Blog: The Hobby Stash

So I started a new blog The Hobby Stash.  No plans to close 'Old Orcs Never Die'.  The problem is I want to keep this blog dedicated to Greenskins so I haven't really been able to post, discuss or brag about any of my other hobbies or even my other non-greenskin fantasy miniatures.  Seeing all these amazing blogs showing off their Rogue Trader era gangs and stuff really got me motivated to get this new blog kicked off and a good excuse to start painting up some of my old stuff.
So here we go-

The Hobby Stash!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Half-Orcs Done!

I can't believe I started these guys way back in February, long gone are the days of kicking out a unit a week.

I might be alone in this but I don't particularly care for my greenskins to be clones of one another, not only is it a bore to paint but it just doesn't feel natural on greenskins. So feeling the need to explain away their peculiar lack of individuality here goes....
Murdork's Murderin' Mercenaries have recently entered Mordro Valley, flush with victory over the notorious necromancer Edwardo Scheerfingin scourge of of Border Princess.  Hailed as heroes throughout the Border Princess they have left that land intent on bringing justice and freedom to those in need... for a price.

The local Orcs of the Mordro valley are naturally skeptical of these 'damn stinkin halfgrots' story and a bit confused on how they got past the Toll Boof in the first place.  So long as they keep their hands to themselves I suppose they can be tolerated.

Murdork's Murderin' Mercenaries appear to represent a more stable community of half-orcs with less exaggerated and varied features, probably having kept amongst themselves for several generations. Of course that doesn't make them any better or worse as half-orcs.
Naturally the 'story' as they tell it has been embellished quite a bit.  Having backstabbed, bushwhacked and extorted every community in the Border Princess they finally threw their lot in as mercenaries with the local necromancer Edwardo Scheerfingin. Freshly armed and armored to a somewhat consistent standard and puffed with pride they remained true to their nature and deserted. The noose was getting a bit to tight in the Border Princess so they've moved on and eventually manageing to take refuge in Mordro Valley.

 Murdork's Murderin' Mercenaries

Murdork on the left, musician and standard.

A selection of a few of the boys showing off their varied skin tones.