Monday, October 29, 2018

Orctober 2018. Lancer Miniature Orcs

I took a step away from goblins for the month and knocked out a handful of Orcs from Lancer Miniatures.
I bumped into these guys a couple times on the internet and I think I was vaguely aware of their kickstarter a little while back but about a month or so ago folks started posting their pictures of these guys painted up and that was all the inspiration I needed to buy a bunch. Not to mention they are affordable imo and they are METAL!

They can be found here if you're interested:

I quite like these guys. They are big beefy Orcs probably closer in style to what GW was putting out with their plastic kits in the late 90's and aughts but with a little less exaggeration. The sculpting is good, not knock your socks off good but detailed and interesting enough to give them a lot of charm.

I've only had time to finish 11 of them so far, enough to show off for Orctober. Hopefully I'll get the  rest finished up next month.

A quick size comparison with some older orcs. They are a smidgen taller and thicker arms. They'd probably make excellent big'uns but I suspect I'll just use them as regular old Orc boys.
(The Orcs to the left and right of the centered black Orc are Lancer Miniatures)

That's it until next month. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 5, 2018

The Doom Dogs Goblin Wolf Riders

Finally got these guys done. 18 Goblin wolf riders.

These guys for now will be the core of my Goblin cavalry. Kitted out with light armor, spears and shields they are the closest thing my Goblins have to heavy cavalry.

I still have a couple more units of wolf riders to complete but for now they'll have to wait until after Orctober.

The charge of the Doom Dogs!

Now to rummage up something more Orcy for Orctober.


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Goblin "Skyrocket"


I finished up my Goblin rocket team or rather "skyrocket" as its refereed to in 3rd edition. Nice little model, easy to paint up which provided a quick little interlude while I sort out and clean up all my wolf riders.

I'm a little at odds with a couple of the goblins, while I like the miniatures in general Im not too keen on the binoculars and goggles a little too WoW for me.

 Bye for now,

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Heartbreaker Goblin polearm regiment

Hello again,

Finished up this here regiment of Heartbreaker goblins and despite the numbers and lack of diversity I quite enjoyed them.  I believe these are all Kevin Adams sculpts and for the most part quite nice if a bit heavily armored for goblins.
Normally when painting large units containing mostly the same miniatures I try and vary the color of skin tones, armor and clothes etc but for these guys I just painted them pretty much all in uniform and glad I did.  I actually found it relaxing plugging away at these guys without having to put much forethought into each of them. The bases were a slog to paint though.

42 nasty well armed and armored goblins.

The bulk of the regiment is made up these two fellas. Very difficult to rank up, unfortunately I had to split the unit pretty much down the middle to get them to rank up.

All of these guys are of course metal, with the exception of the one below on the left. I got him with Impact Miniatures recent kickstarter re-producing most of the old Heartbreaker models in resin or rather some kind of plastic/resin.  He's not actually an exact copy of the original as he has armored boots and a flame etched onto his blade.

I do have about a dozen gobbos made up of these guys to help break up some of that tedious uniformity.

The command. A little bit of a skull fetish..

So onto the next project.
I think I'll be working on sorting out my wolf riders. I believe I now have enough metal wolves to get things moving along. The only thing I hate more than the old plastic wolves is the old plastic boars. But anyhow I should now have enough metal wolves to swap out my 90's wolf riders with proper mounts.

Bye for now!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Half year review 2018

So way back in October or November of last year I tried jumping on the Oldhammer painting challenge and although I didn't actually enter, I have endeavored to follow the rules or at least the spirit of the challenge and get myself some painting done these past 6-8 months.

Last night I did a quick photo shoot of everything I've finished painted since roughly last Novembor.

Here's my "army" laid out on my new FLG gaming mat. Not exactly a "legal" army by Warhammer Armies supplement standards but that's not what I was shooting for and frankly the beauty of  3rd edition was its open interpretation of the rules. A good case in point is my goblin slingers unit. Not a normal troop type in the Warhammer Armies supplement but I fancy them used as skirmishing slingers rather then proxies for goblin stickas with shortbows.

The "army" so far:

First done was this mighty horde of Orc arrer boyz with crossbows

A huge pile of Trolls

 A levy of Orc villagers

   A bunch of bolt throwers 'Spear Chukkas' 

Orc boyz and their captain.

and last the Goblin slingers

More goblins in progress-
Bye for now-

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Goblin slingers

Well things got a bit bust around here and these guys took a bit longer to get finished then I had expected, but better late then never.

While rummaging through my considerable number of un-painted gobbos a few months ago I found I had 8 slingers in the mix and that got me thinking. Add a command and we're at 11 and I just need 9 more to make a proper unit. After a few conversions and a couple oddballs tossed in I've got myself a proper unit of 20 Gobbo slingers.

As far as I can tell there were only three slingers released in the main Goblin line or at least thats all I can find in the 1988 catalog. The one in the middle and on the right must be fairly common as I have multiples of them. I also have to admit I've always had a soft spot for the one in the middle ever since I spotted him in the Heroes for Wargames book years ago.

A few of the oddballs. The fella on the left is a 40k grot I'll probably replace if I come across something more suitable. The gob in the middle is a pre-slotta goblin with sling and fits in fine.  The grinning fella on the right, well I suspect he has a sling, he just got a little confused when the boss told him to put his rocks in it (or maybe he knows exactly what he's doing idk).

A few minor conversions. I must have a dozen of the Marauder MM30 goblin with club (middle) and converted a handful for this project.

The boss is one of my favorites from the Kevin Adams line of gobbos. A simple sculpt but the mutton chops and mustache lends him a natural air of authority (the spiked club helps too).

I also managed to paint up a Goblin shaman from the old Heartbreaker line I believe.

So that's it for now. I'm not sure whats coming next I have another unit of Goblins I'd like to paint but things a busy around the compound again so it may be a while.

'till next time-

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Last 10 Orcs finished. Mork's Mutilatorz complete!

Ten new recruits have wondered down the valley to join the infamous Mork's Mutilatorz gang.

Finished these guys last week and finally got them photo'd up. A little rushed but they still came out pretty good. The fella with the mohawk helmet is one of my favorites.

 So that makes for a nice fat unit of thirty Orcs and no duplicates! Looks like the Mutilatorz gang is all set for a season of raiding a pillaging the local farmsteads.

OK, on to the next project. I think my goblins need some attention now.

Bye for now-