Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought this old mug was lost years ago.  Until I just caught aunt Marry poring turkey drippings in it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Ol' Rusty Axe Gang Pt 2

I promised additional pictures of the Ol' Rusty Axe Gang and here they are, although one or two may have been left out.

The Ol' Rusty Axe Gang (also known as the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Ol' Rusty Axe) comprises the oldest Orcs of all Mordro valley and take their name from the Ol' Rusty Axe Lodge where they dwell.

In the center of the picture below we have Grognorc Face-Cleaver duly elected leader of the Ol' Rusty Axe Gang and prez'dent of the Lodge.  Like all the Orcs in the gang he's lived his fare share of adventures and misadventures over his enumerable years and claims to be the sole survivor of the Mighty Eeza Ugezod's ill fated waaagh so many eons ago.  And like the rest of the old Bo's in the gang he likes nothing better then sitting around the Lodge and re-telling of fortunes won and lost over a few tumblers fungus beer.

The standard bearer is Ludo da' Runt formerly of Clan Iron Belly.  Although considered a runt by other ogres and therefore a prospective meal, Ludo stands a head taller then most Orcs and commands do respect. Ludo is the acting bouncer at the Ol' Rusty Axe Lodge, making sure no Orc yoofs' or rascally Gobbo's manage through the front door. Ludo is well liked around Lodge and seems generally content to listen to all the old bo's repetitively incessant stories of the old days, or maybe he's just mastered the art of sleeping with his eyes open.

Sorry no fluff for the musician.  The Citadel aficionado's out there probably recognize that he is not of Citadel manufacture.  He's actually from Grenadier- Ogre of the Black River line.  He's migrated over the years to various units and after a recent re-paint I've settled him in with the Ol' Rusty Axe Gang.  I think the only pre-slotta base Orc standard and musicians made were for Harboth's RoR and I don't think I'll manage to pick them up on e-bay, the prices are too steep for me.  So an Ogre and Grenadier Orc/ogre will have to do and I think they settle in quite nicely.

Here's a nice example some old Boys of the Ol' Rusty Axe.  A bit of mixed bag some with exotic weapons and armor scavenged from far flung battlefields across the world while others wear little more then old dirty smocks, torn chainmail and are content with a rusty old blade.

Here's a few of the more ballistics inclined Boys.  Barco One-eye is in the center, legendary dart throwing champion of Mordro valley.

Ironically the guy on the left was the first miniature I painted when I moved to Colorado 13 years ago. The one on the right was the first miniature I painted when I moved back to California a couple years ago.

A few John Balanche designed Orcs sculpted by the Perry's

A few of the Boys showing off their favorite trophies.

Bye for now-

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Ol' Rusty Axe Gang

 I can't believe it but its taken me a year to get my unit of pre-slotta Orcs painted.  Long gone are the days of painting a unit a week...

Sadly as soon as I snapped a shot of them the camera battery died. Hopefully tomorrow, lighting permitting, I'll get some more pics up and some background fluff.

I think I finally figured out how to get photos onto the webs without them going all fuzzy so lets see if this works.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Savage Orc tests

My collection of Greenskins is short on Savage Orcs or at least not enough to make large 30+ man units.

So I ran a couple tests using on older plastics to see about cheaply expanding units.

One is an old plastic Orc from the Warhammer Fantasy Regiments set, the other is a 5th edition Lizardman.

I shaved off the right side of the Orcs chainmail and used Apoxie Sculpt to cover up the rest of the chainmail giving him what I hope looks like a caveman fur tunic and replaced his sword with a sculpted club.
The 'lizardman' had his head replaced and his scales shaved off.  Also sculpted a fur cape on his back to cover up the scales.

The lizardmen came out quite well I think.