Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Ol' Rusty Axe Gang

 I can't believe it but its taken me a year to get my unit of pre-slotta Orcs painted.  Long gone are the days of painting a unit a week...

Sadly as soon as I snapped a shot of them the camera battery died. Hopefully tomorrow, lighting permitting, I'll get some more pics up and some background fluff.

I think I finally figured out how to get photos onto the webs without them going all fuzzy so lets see if this works.


  1. I love the rich tones you have achieved here. The variation of colour choice within the unit also really helps make each model stand out as individuals rather than just bulk rank and file. And that banner just rounds everything off perfectly!

  2. They are nicely painted Orcs, great skin tones, they look really good.

    Good idea to add the Ogre standard bearer, great banner too.

  3. Well, if it's any consolation they look superb. The banner is delicious.