Saturday, March 8, 2014

Giant! Just a giant.

Over five years ago I picked up the Descent: Journeys in the Dark game. Although the game is pretty good, but even better it also comes with a pretty healthy selection of miniatures many which have filtered down into various armies, my undead army has especially benefited.

One of my favorites is the giant... well at least from the waist up, his legs are cartoonishly small and about half way through painting him I decided they just wouldn't do and snipped each leg under the knee and added about a half stilt.  And there he languished for the last four years until now.

During my recent Half-Orc painting sessions I forced myself to nip away at him and finally got him finished up at least to table top standards.

I quite like him. Although he's not technically from the "Golden" era of miniatures there is something of an oldschool feel about him in a Ral Partha sorta way. 

And here he sat, shimmed and ready to go for the past four years and two house moves always managing to end up back on the hobby table.

A little before and after size comparison.


  1. Great conversion work and a worthy giant at the end.He looks amazing.

  2. Yep great work on the legs and I do like his natty trousers!

    Not familiar with Descent or the minis but judging by the Giant they must be pretty good.

  3. He looks great! Seamless conversion work and great job on the colors!