Thursday, October 9, 2014

Leviathan Orcs size comparisons

For any interested here are some size comparisons of the Heartbreaker/Grendel Leviathan Orcs mixed with various Citadel Orcs.

Left to right:
Citadel 80's, HHG, Citadel 80's, IronClaw/Citadel Black Orc 80's, HHG, Citadel 80's, HHG, 
Citadel 90's

Citadel 2000, HHG, Citadel 80's, HHG, Citadel 80's

Citadel Ogre 80's, HHG, Citadel Ogres 80's, HHG, Chronicle/Grenadier Ogre 80's, HHG, Iron Claw/Citadel Black Orc 80's

Size wise they match up pretty well Citadel Black Orcs (which is probably why I painted them in darker tones), are larger then most standard Orcs from the 80's and are smaller then most Ogres though my only Chronicle Ogre I think is a larger one.



  1. Nice post TS, never considered these orcs before but time to reconsider I think.

  2. The citadel Orc in the middle of the centre picture with the bow and arrow- I think it's unreleased- did you show him on the oldhammer forum a little while ago?

    1. Yeah, That's the same one I showed on the oldhammer forum.

    2. Any memory of where you got it?

    3. I got him through this seller on ebay collectorhavenauctions. I'll ping you via Oldhammer Forum.