Sunday, July 5, 2015

Why I think AoS is a win win for me!

I have no interest in playing Age of Sigmar, there's nothing there for me and I really haven't played much Warhammer in the past 10 years either, when I do its hashes of 3rd edition or 6/7th edition.

Nowadays I go about collecting all the miniatures I could not afford when I was a kid. The problem is I'm definitely not alone in collecting old lead and since the "Oldhammer" movement has taken off over the past few years it seems the ebay market for good deals has diminished considerably.

Now here is the great part about AoS. 
If it takes off like GW would like it to, a lot of people buying into it will start updating their collections to match this new video game ott aesthetics GW is going with. Which means these guys will start dumping all their plastic cack onto the market and I'm sure mixed in their will be some lead gems.

Now if the whole thing is a flop and a the bulk of gamers move out of Wharhammer/AoS on to other things, again we should see a great dumping of collections onto the market and no doubt some good stuff mixed in there.

See, its a win-win for me!


  1. Great point you make there Tartar :D

    We can only hope :)

  2. Excellent! Let them have their Tar-Tar Sauce. ;)