Monday, October 29, 2018

Orctober 2018. Lancer Miniature Orcs

I took a step away from goblins for the month and knocked out a handful of Orcs from Lancer Miniatures.
I bumped into these guys a couple times on the internet and I think I was vaguely aware of their kickstarter a little while back but about a month or so ago folks started posting their pictures of these guys painted up and that was all the inspiration I needed to buy a bunch. Not to mention they are affordable imo and they are METAL!

They can be found here if you're interested:

I quite like these guys. They are big beefy Orcs probably closer in style to what GW was putting out with their plastic kits in the late 90's and aughts but with a little less exaggeration. The sculpting is good, not knock your socks off good but detailed and interesting enough to give them a lot of charm.

I've only had time to finish 11 of them so far, enough to show off for Orctober. Hopefully I'll get the  rest finished up next month.

A quick size comparison with some older orcs. They are a smidgen taller and thicker arms. They'd probably make excellent big'uns but I suspect I'll just use them as regular old Orc boys.
(The Orcs to the left and right of the centered black Orc are Lancer Miniatures)

That's it until next month. Happy Halloween!


  1. Hey, those look good! I passed these sculpts over the first time I saw them, but now I'm taking a closer look and liking them more. Nice painting.

  2. Cute lil' guys..I like 'em! They actually fit in quite well with the others. Nice painting, as usual!