Friday, January 11, 2019

Sister of Sigmar (Daughters of Freya)

Hi folks,

A couple weeks ago the Mad Viking graciously sent me a Sister of Sigmar for commenting on one of his videos.

So I painting her.  And that was all the inspiration I needed to finish painting off the few other Sisters Ive had kicking about.

The Bertha Bestraufrung I've had painted for a while and she's usually used as a warrior priestess in my Stirland army. I painted them in green rather then the traditional red to help match in with my Stirland army (Daughters of Freya?).

The Mad Viking has inherited the massive collection Steveb a long time member of the  The Mad Viking has taken on the incredible task of documenting and sharing Steve's massive collection. If your a fan of old school miniatures, massive painted armies, oldhammer, middlehammer etc, I highly recommend taking a look and subscribing to his youtube channel.

Thanks for looking,
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