Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Revamping the ol' Nick Lunds

I'm having trouble finding the time to sit down finish painting the pre-slotta base Orcs and now my attention has been slightly averted to my old unit of Nick Lund Orcs.

The paint jobs are fine for the most part, despite having been painted 20 years ago or so, but their bases are in pretty bad shape.  So I've decided to give them a little update and revamp their bases and maybe do a little touch work here and there.

I know its never a good idea to have more then one project going on at a time but I just gotta do it.  Hopefully this will be something I can do in my spare time while at real work while continuing to work on the pre-slotta citadel boys after work.

Anywho, hopefully in a week or two I'll have a pic of the rebuilt Nick Lund unit posted up.  We'll see though, I'm also in desperate need of a new camera.


  1. That's some nice looking lead you got there.

  2. I've really come round to liking Nick Lund's Orcs after many years of thinking they were a bit fugly. I'd love to get started on the rest of my Mothercrushers now I have the rest of the command to go with Ugezod.

  3. They can be a bit of an acquired taste but I've always enjoyed them. Though they never mixed well with other Citadel Orcs, my Grenadier and Chronicle boys have conglomerated into their own unit.