Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ol' Nick Lund Orcs WIP

The ol' Lunds are coming along nicely. Hopefully another week and they'll be done.

If you haven't noticed about half the unit is old grenadier models while the other half is Citadel (Eeza Ugezods Mother Crusher RoR troopers).  The old Ugezod troopers have pretty shoddy paint jobs so I'm doing a lot more work on them.  While I'm at it I also decided to try and break up the monotony of having so many with the same pose by adding different head gear to some, I'll do a few weapon swaps as well.

In my opinion no two Orcs should look the same so I always do my best mix as many models as possible and try and paint the duplicates differently to help break them up a little.

The original musician I had in the unit, although a grenadier model, was not a Nick Lund sculpt.  A lucky find on ebay has remedied that.


  1. Looking good. The muso is a big improvement, a good find.

  2. Is that a variant on the Mother Crushers' musician?

    Looks like some good milinery in evidence on those Orc troopers!

    1. No, its just an old Grenadier Orc, though its by the same sculptor as the Mother Crushers. Thanks for the comments!