Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ol’Lund Dartfinger and the Knuckledragger gang

I finally managed to get the Nick Lund Orcs updated and took some quick photos.  I'm also making an attempt tie them in with the ongoing fluff I have rolling around in my head, which is what I originally envisioned this blog for though its taken a few odd turns.  Maybe in a year or two I'll be able to re-organize this thing into different categories like I see in some of the fancier blogs out there.

Using the old Regiments of Renown format I present Ol'Lund Dartfinger and the Knuckledragger gang.

Cave Orcs-
The mountains surrounding Mordro Valley are filled with a particularly hardy breed of Orc often referred to as cave Orcs for their habit of residing in the shallow caves and abandoned Dwarf mines in the higher reaches of the mountains.
Years of cramped confinement through the harsh winter months of the high peaks, these cave Orcs have developed a more pronounced stooped stature with hands nearly reaching the ground. Its said they can bound down their low ceiling-ed corridors on all fours as fast as a man can sprint.

Ol’Lund Dartfinger and the Knuckledragger gang-
Having perfected the art of chopping Dwarf limbs with their great choppa’s, Ol’Lund and his Knuckledragger gang have made their way down to the greater valley to try their hand in the raiding and pillaging alongside rest of the boyz of the valley.  Though rumor has it they are actually fleeing the wrath of a young dwarf captain Baelrik Tillurideson and his avenging troop of warrior miners.

    Armament: In emulation of their leader most of the Knuckledraggers carry great two handed choppas and mix of crude bludgeoning weapons, axes and swords.

    Dress: A mix of dirty rags and furs to protect them from the cold mountain air.

   Battlecry: The usually cacophony of swearing, though when confronting stunties its usually a string of insults regarding the length of their mothers beards.
   Leader: Ol’Lund Dartfinger.  Ol’Lund is a master with the two handed Choppa and suffers no penalties for using a double-handed weopon.

    Deeds:   After several weeks of deadlocked siege during the battle of Leadrock Mine, Through the use of some colorful verbal abuse, Ol’Lund managed to persuade the Dwarf commander foremen Tilluride Forkbeard from his barricades to a challenge in single combat.  Ol’Lund duly split Tilluride in twain with his great two handed choppa.  The Knuckledragger gang made short work of flushing the now demoralized Dwarfs from their mine.

 A  few examples of minor conversion, mostly head gear, to help break up the monotony.


  1. I like the way the Orcs have turned out.

    Good to see you have created the unit with all Nick Lund miniatures, and therefore giving them a coherent feel and identity. They do have that hunched over feel about them.

    The conversions are great, and I especally like the choice of colour for the base edges.

    The 1st/2nd edition regiment of Renown style background is a wonderful touch too.

  2. This unit looks fantastic! Nick Lund!! All they need are some Nick Lund Dwarves to fight against. Nice work!

    1. Damn right! I've got a couple dozen Nick Lund dwarfs tucked away somewhere... one of these days...

  3. Hello,

    Your blog is really very interesting. I am an enthusiast of old CITADEL miniatures and old GAMES WORKSHOP products.


    Sir Roland

  4. Great stuff! I have some of these guys but they haven't seen the light of day for many years...this makes me want to get them out again and maybe try to re-paint them. A wonderful looking unit! Love the fine detail on the shields!