Friday, February 21, 2014

WIP: Half-Orcs- Painting

I finished off a handful of the Mudats Half-Orcs as well as a few Grom's Gaurds just to make sure they fit in. Not much progress beyond that.

On the goblins (now half-orcs) I slapped some putty on their shields and gave them a more oval shape to match the rest of the Half-Orcs and painted on the device to match.  It seems to work ok and Im sure they'll blend in fine once they're all done.

The Mudat's Half-Orcs have a terrible mold line down the helmet and shield which stands out worse then I thought it would, I'll have to do a little more filing and filling on the next batch.

Well here's a couple test shots.  I'll get more done as soon as time permits.



  1. I like them. I'm still trying to think on how I want to paint up my Half orcs.

  2. The Grom troopers match rather well, especially with your colour scheme.

    Quite like your Half Orc skin tone too - probably going to go down a similar (if slightly pinker tone) myself.

    Oh and I reckon these might be the first Mudat troopers I've ever seen with some paint on them - nice one!

    1. Thanks! I like to paint in batches of 5 or so and my intent is to give each batch a slightly different skin tone in keeping with their diverse parentage. We'll see how things go.

  3. These look wonderful, I love Half Orcs.. ok that sounds wrong..

  4. Great looking bunch! Very fun!