Sunday, February 2, 2014

WIP: Half-Orcs –inventory

Having acquired a nice size unit of Mudat's Mercenary Half-Orcs I decided to switch projects and start on a couple units of Half-Orc mercenaries.  My Tom Meier Orcs once again find themselves on the back burner.

So I’ve spent the last few days rummaging through the lead piles trying to dig up anything suitable for Half-Orcs and here's what I've come up with.


So here’s Mudat's Half-Orcs based and primed, ready for painting.  I had twenty four of them but I like my 20mm based units to round out to thirty.  So I added six of Grom’s Goblin Guard troopers which I think are appropriate given their dubious ancestry per the old background.  Hopefully it will also help break up the monotony of identical troopers.


I then pulled my painted LOTR Half-Orcs together for a head count (They were lurking with my Hobgoblin units).  I found five with a sixth spearmen gone missing to the lead abyss, I’m sure he’ll turn up someday.


Here’s the next seven. The horn blower is actually a Hobgoblin but works just as well.  The gentlemen with the severed head is actually part of the barbarian line but his crude primordial features fits nicely as a Half-Orc, he’ll likely be the unit leader.


A dozen Citadel Half-Orcs hardly makes a real unit.  Fortunately I have a little over a dozen Viking Forge/Asgard Orcs and Goblins. A few of them were originally destined for my allusive Hobgoblin project but that’s a very long ways down the line so they’ll be Half-Orcs.  Their varied physics, shaggy hair, long limbs and unpleasant faces fit my idea of a Half-Orcs quite nicely.   Also rounded up an odd Rafm Orc that seems to work.


So here’s my start. A unit of 30 and unit of about 24.  I’d like to also add a unit of 15 bowman skirmishers I’ll probably squeeze together using various plastic bits.  Then maybe a unit of 10 light horsemen of some sort, though not in the 3rd edition Warhammer Armies book something seems fitting about having a small unit of horsemen for scouting, foraging and cattle rustling.



  1. Fantastic, a great example of how the pre-slotta models come together to look amazing as a unit.

  2. That is certainly not something that you see everyday! Looking fantastic... get some paint on them!