Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Last 10 Orcs finished. Mork's Mutilatorz complete!

Ten new recruits have wondered down the valley to join the infamous Mork's Mutilatorz gang.

Finished these guys last week and finally got them photo'd up. A little rushed but they still came out pretty good. The fella with the mohawk helmet is one of my favorites.

 So that makes for a nice fat unit of thirty Orcs and no duplicates! Looks like the Mutilatorz gang is all set for a season of raiding a pillaging the local farmsteads.

OK, on to the next project. I think my goblins need some attention now.

Bye for now-


  1. They look fantastic!! that unit is amazing. plus you got it to rank up! always a concern with these old sculpts. Looking forward to the Goblins!

  2. Thanks guys. Having a larger unit makes it easier to rank them, but still can be frustrating when you can't get the choice figures where you want them to go.

  3. Great work! Always great to see the classic Orc sculpts getting some love. They deserve it.