Thursday, March 15, 2018

Ten more Orcs and 2 spear Chukkas'

So ten more Orc boyz are done as I crawl towards what I hope to be a large unit of 30 Orcs. 20 down 10 to go.

Some more examples of Kev Adams excellent 80's work.
Though I'm not sure about the one second from the right as a Kevin design. I was a little unimpressed with him at first, he's smallish and sort of man-ish but he painted up well and I kind of like him now. The guy on the far right is one of my favorite designs. Some of you might recognize Bruglodd in there, he wont be part of the greater unit but he was in reaching distance when I was painting so he got the treatment.  I'm thinking the banner depicts "Mork da' Kunnin" or maybe its Gork I don't know.

And the next five. Nice models in general although the one on the far right has a face that is a bit miscast with what might be his left eye resting on his cheek.

The completionist in me made me pick up these two spear chukkas. They are similar to the Notlob bolt throwers I previously shared except they are festooned with all sorts of furniture. I believe these were the Dwarf bolt throwers from the same period. Unfortunately I could only dig up enough crew for one of them at least for now.

While taking pics I noticed one of the boyz had acquired himself a cute eight legged squigly beast. 

OK, so 10 more orcs to go.

Bye for now-


  1. Good man, your cracking through these at a rate of knots and the excellent standard too.

  2. Lovely classic minis and great painting. Really nice work on the standard and shields!

  3. Almost missed that spider, even with the close-up - stunning work as ever, sir.