Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Half year review 2018

So way back in October or November of last year I tried jumping on the Oldhammer painting challenge and although I didn't actually enter, I have endeavored to follow the rules or at least the spirit of the challenge and get myself some painting done these past 6-8 months.

Last night I did a quick photo shoot of everything I've finished painted since roughly last Novembor.

Here's my "army" laid out on my new FLG gaming mat. Not exactly a "legal" army by Warhammer Armies supplement standards but that's not what I was shooting for and frankly the beauty of  3rd edition was its open interpretation of the rules. A good case in point is my goblin slingers unit. Not a normal troop type in the Warhammer Armies supplement but I fancy them used as skirmishing slingers rather then proxies for goblin stickas with shortbows.

The "army" so far:

First done was this mighty horde of Orc arrer boyz with crossbows

A huge pile of Trolls

 A levy of Orc villagers

   A bunch of bolt throwers 'Spear Chukkas' 

Orc boyz and their captain.

and last the Goblin slingers

More goblins in progress-
Bye for now-


  1. Wonderful looking army there! Well done

  2. Yeah, that looks fantastic Orcyboy :)

    Probably the most painted Trolls I've ever seen assembled too.

    Well done :)

  3. You should have entered OWAC.....this is a lovely army! 🤗