Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Heartbreaker Goblin polearm regiment

Hello again,

Finished up this here regiment of Heartbreaker goblins and despite the numbers and lack of diversity I quite enjoyed them.  I believe these are all Kevin Adams sculpts and for the most part quite nice if a bit heavily armored for goblins.
Normally when painting large units containing mostly the same miniatures I try and vary the color of skin tones, armor and clothes etc but for these guys I just painted them pretty much all in uniform and glad I did.  I actually found it relaxing plugging away at these guys without having to put much forethought into each of them. The bases were a slog to paint though.

42 nasty well armed and armored goblins.

The bulk of the regiment is made up these two fellas. Very difficult to rank up, unfortunately I had to split the unit pretty much down the middle to get them to rank up.

All of these guys are of course metal, with the exception of the one below on the left. I got him with Impact Miniatures recent kickstarter re-producing most of the old Heartbreaker models in resin or rather some kind of plastic/resin.  He's not actually an exact copy of the original as he has armored boots and a flame etched onto his blade.

I do have about a dozen gobbos made up of these guys to help break up some of that tedious uniformity.

The command. A little bit of a skull fetish..

So onto the next project.
I think I'll be working on sorting out my wolf riders. I believe I now have enough metal wolves to get things moving along. The only thing I hate more than the old plastic wolves is the old plastic boars. But anyhow I should now have enough metal wolves to swap out my 90's wolf riders with proper mounts.

Bye for now!

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