Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Armored Goblin Mercenaries

An advanced sense of self preservation, short attention span, a bit treacherous, dimwhitted...   just a few reasons Goblins make terrible soldiers.

But occasionally after surviving a few battles through luck and uncharacteristic courage (mostly luck though) a few Goblins find themselves with the skills and prestige necessary to make a living as professional soldiers to a degree.

Occasionally these "fearless" Goblins band together under the leadership of some famed Goblin hero and ply their trade as mercenaries.

Here we have Mad Mic'Alexon and the Black Iron brigade. Have peasants that need subduing, they can help. Halflings that need extorting, they can help. Luggage needs guarded, they can help. Yeah, don't expect too much from these guys, they are still Goblins after all.

The Black Iron brigade are arrayed in pieced together heavy armor with large extravagant helmets being particularly prized and they are drilled in the use of the halberd in imitation of the soldiers of the realms of men.

Most of these guys are from Knightmaregames line of Greenskin Wars goblins.  A few are from other sources such as Four A Miniatures, Rafm and Citadel. A few are sad plastic Gobbos I greenstuffed some extra armor onto to push the head count of the unit up to 30.

Thanks for looking, more coming soon.