Wednesday, October 21, 2015

More Orctober: Black Orcs

Here we come to my unit of Black Orcs.  A bit of a mixed bag, mostly the mid 90's (1993?) variety.

I very much like the earlier Nick Lund sculpts but they are generally a bit too short. The Bob Olley/Iron Claw variety is also excellent and very unique but I never owned many of them at the time.

By the time the mid 90's variety rolled out I really wasn't into Warhammer and didn't pay them much attention to them.
So this unit was mostly collected and painted in the 2000's when I got back into Warhammer (6th ed). I'm using good old Mighty Ugezod as their leader with a bit of extension to his horns as he was suffering from a little horn envy being surrounded by all those 90's Black orcs.
The 90's Orcs have grown on me over the years and paint up well so long as you move away from the bright red and checkers that was prevalent with GWs paint scheme of that era.

Like I said the unit is a mixed bag and includes Black Orcs from all eras: Nick Lund/Chronicle, Bob Olley/Iron Claw, Marauder and GW, there is even a couple of the new armored storm trooper type lurking in the back ranks.

For the record, I went on a mad Iron Claw Orc spending spree a few years back and I'm pretty sure I now own at least one of every Iron Claw Black Orc including the minor variations.

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  1. Fantastic. I had never seen the variant of the horn helm black orc with the axe and sword hands swapped. I love the black flame detail on the horns. I really love the Iron Claw stuff too. I only recently found out how many of my Goblins were Iron Claw. I want to see more.