Monday, October 12, 2015

More Orctober: Marauder Orcs

Continuing with documenting my old Orcs, painted for the most part before the turn of the century.
This week I present my Marauder Orcs.

If they're not Citadel they better be Marauder was my philosophy of the time. Although I personally prefer the Perry and Kevin Adams Orcs of the same period I hold few qualms against Marauder's versions.

All good Orcs are a fare mix of mischievous and malicious and I'd say Marauder Orcs tend to slide a little more towards mischievous then their Citadel counterparts but not detrimentally so (such as the shit eaten' grin motif of the 90's Orcs).
The biggest draw to buying Marauder Orcs was the price difference. If I recall correctly it felt like Marauder was a year or two behind Citadels price tags, so you could get the same number of Orcs per pack for a couple dollars less.

Well anyways here's my Marauder Orcs. Mostly painted in the very early 90's.
This is not their original banner however and I'm not too happy with it. I had to repaint the original around 2005 which had featured Bill the Cat but had faded out. In their day I had christened the unit Deathtongue.

Have a Nice day,
Orcyboy (Tartar Sauce)


  1. Cracking unit there...the painting has held up well considering the length of time they have been done. I bet they've seen a fair few battles.

  2. Good job =)
    I like the shields particularly!

    1. Thank you sir, someday I'll get the whole units shields to match.

  3. Perhaps my favorite orcs ever...and your PJs make them look even better!