Monday, October 19, 2015

More Orctober: Orc warriors

Here's my main Orc warriors unit.  Painted with varying skill levels over multiple years.

Mostly metal but bulked out with the old plastic Orcs from the Warhammer Fantasy Regiments box set.

I also pulled out a few of my favorites for closer pics, not necessarily the best painted just some of my favorite models in the lot.

The Boyz on the far left and far right of this pic are the first Citadel orcs I ever bought, the one on the right could use a re-paint.

Thanks for looking-



  1. Another great bunch of classic minis! I on't recognize the female orc with the pasties and the club. She looks Citadel, but she's not one of the Villagers line, is she?

    1. She's a Bloodbowl cheerleader with some modifications.

  2. Great looking figures, some of them so old that I recognise them!