Tuesday, November 28, 2017


 Hello again,

The plan was to get three Trolls painted up before the end of November in an effort to keep up with painting 200 points of Oldhammer a month.

Well I buckled down and painted eleven Trolls! Plus tidied up another five or so. That makes for a nifty unit of 16 Trolls plus a hanger on.

So lets take a look.

The big bad Troll gang... ere we go ere we gooo...

First are the three oldest fellas. 1984 models I believe and quite nice. The Squidward looking guy in the middle came out the best. I was surprised by the little details on these guys from mushrooms growing on the ones head to all the little skulls and charms.

A C20 marsh troll, marauder troll, C20 Hill troll and another Marauder troll. I painted the one purple on a whim and he came out surprisingly well.

Another C20 marsh troll and a C20 cave troll. These guys I painted in the mid-2000's

Four more marauder trolls. I believe that makes for a complete collection of marauder trolls.  These are old paint jobs. Originally painted by my brother in the early 90's.  I acquired them and dry-brushed them in the early 2000's and just updated their bases. A bit rough looking but serviceable.

The same marsh troll as seen above plus another hill troll. I actually have four more hills trolls on the back burner for now, two of the same models in the unit is enough.

A couple of D&D style trolls.  The one on the left is Ral Partha AD&D 1988 line and the other is a TSR Troll from 1984.  I'm not sure what the deal is with D&D trolls, they have kind of a swamp thing/vegetable vibe. I guess they're just your garden variety trolls...  Although the Ral Partha one is a beautifully crafted sculpt I don't care for him much. I do however like the TSR troll (kind of an Andre the Giant look) and he fits it fine for now with the rest of my trolls.

And last we have their leader. I nice battle troll from Knightmare games. I picked him up through the Greenskin Wars kickstarter.  He's a good blend of Oldhammer and Middlehammer and fits in perfectly imo.
So that's it for November.  I managed to paint up 11 new trolls at 65pts each totaling out to 715 pts. 500+ points over my goal.  Plus I fixed up half a dozen old paint jobs putting together a unit of 16 trolls at 1040 points.  I doubt I'll ever field that many trolls at once but who knows.

Since I was all about trolls this month I also re-uploaded my troll tapes to youtube. (I lost the creds to my old youtube account and had to create a new one). I also added another one I forgot last time. Its even got a nice holiday jingle just in time for the season.

For next month I'll have to take it down a notch. I'll probably try finishing off my spear chukka war machines -already moved to the painting table. You can also see my four remaining hill trolls in that pic, they'll be retired for a while until I figure out what to do with them. I'm happy to trade a couple of them if anybody has the C20 warrior troll.

Hopefully another update next month-
Bye for now,


  1. That's one helluva collection of trolls! Some very nice painting there. I have to get my hands on that cave troll with the rock and the horns someday. He always makes me think of the ogre in Time Bandits. Thanks for uploading the troll songs. I don't think I've ever heard them.

  2. Nice collection of classic trolls, thanks for showing.

    Paul / Golgfag1

  3. Neat stuff! You could torment some PCs with these guys for sure.

  4. Good to kill the PCs with, that's for sure!