Sunday, January 14, 2018

Spear Chukkas'

I wasn't quite able to finish these guys up in December. I was about 80% done two weeks into the month and there they sat until last weekend when I finally finished basing them and stringy the bolt throwers.

I have two old Notlob's bolt throwers and two of the newer style (relatively speaking) Orc "Spear Chukkas".

The two older style bolt throwers. One I had painted a little while back but I updated it with bow string.

 The newer style bolt throwers (3rd ed Spear Chukkas).

 The Orc in the middle is the acting engineer/boss and I believe is the Notlob model. As far as I can tell Citadel made at least two variations of Notlob, one with an all chain mail coat and this one with a scale mail vest.

So that's about 186 point and if we call the Boss a 5th level hero that should put me over the 200pt mark.

Not sure what I'll be doing for January. We're already a couple weeks into it and things are busy, might need to call this month a wash.

But I'm looking at either finishing my Orc villagers or working on another proper unit of Orc boyz.  I'm leaning towards the villagers as they're unique and fun but I don't think they'll total out to 200 pts but meh- who cares..

Bye  for now- 


  1. Great job on these! I love Orc war engines of any kind and they look even better in batteries.