Friday, February 23, 2018

The village people

About eight years ago I got the crazy idea of collecting all the Orcs from the 1988 Citadel catalog with the exception of the villagers. They never really did much for me back in the day and I felt they were too collectable making them more expensive and hard to find then they should be. Despite that I still ended up with a pretty decent collection of villagers just from purchasing assorted lots here and there over the years with only a few duplicates. At this but I think I'm only 7 or 8 short of a complete collection.

When or if I ever get around to using these guys in an actual game I think the old 3rd edition levy rules would fit quite nicely although I may even add stupidity to them to take into account of their drunk and disorderly behavior and making for a thoroughly ineffective unit as they should be.  And of course they'll also make useful additions to the baggage train should I ever put one together.

So here's my unit of twenty seven rabble villagers plus three laying down on the job.

The brawlers

The looters

The drunks

The ladies

Last, the village witch doctor surrounded by the boyz with enough presents of mind to bring along something resembling weapons.

Thanks for looking. I'm currently working on some more trooper boyz and couple more trolls.

bye for now-

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