Monday, March 5, 2018

Ten more Orcs and two more Trolls

10 Orcs boyz and couple more trolls completed.

I think I finally got my Orc painting mojo back. The crossbow Orcs I over blended their greens, the villagers I got bored and relied too much on dry brushing but these guys came out just right sticking with bolder contrasts.

I also feel the need to re-iterate my love for these old models, each with their own uniqueness. I was pleasantly surprised to find the drummer's drum is made from a stretched gobbo hide, which adds a little charm.

A mix of Kevin Adams and the Perry twins with one White Hand LOTR Orc that I'm not sure who designed probably one of the Perry's or Morrison's.

Showing off their artistic side. Its difficult for an Orc to create a face uglier then his own.

Last a couple more Trolls. Both are from Heartbreaker. The one on the right is from their Magic the Gathering line, the other is from their later Tim Prow line I think but mine I picked up with the recent Kev Adams/Tim Prow kickstarter run by Impact! Miniatures and is cast in a plastic/resin similar to fine cast.

More Orcs in the pipeline.
Bye for now-

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