Tuesday, October 3, 2017

1000 Point Army Challenge: 1000 point dilemma

Likely my rambling thoughts are nothing new to the old guard of real Warhammer, so please forgive me if this post (and the posts soon to come) seem a bit trite and superfluous.  I've been out of the  hobby for well over a year now and this is meant more to help me refocus my hobby energies back to old Warhammer. In that same vein of keeping me focused I plan to post a couple times a week whether I really have anything worth posting or not.
-end disclaimer-

So the challenge is to make a 1000 point Oldhammer army over the next six months or so. As I'm going over the Warhammer Armies book I'm faced with a little conundrum (although not really).

You certainly can't squeeze everything you want into a 1000 points. The main problem is the mandatory troop choices eat up your points. Old Warhammer troop choices wasn't based on any percentage so in theory if there's minimum choice such as for Orc Boyz 20-100 then you need to field at least 20 Boyz in your army regardless of point size.
So in the case of an Orc and Goblin army I suppose you're supposed to have at least 20 Boyz, 20 Arrerer Boyz, 20 Stickas and 20 Gobbos at minimum before you can start looking at other troop choices.  This of course means about half the army points are already spent by default.

So how do I get around this?

One is to ignore it, this is real Warhammer and the rules were always meant to be a bit open to interpretation hence the strong recommendation in the old rules for using a GM. Warhammer Armies is more like a really good set of guidelines to follow rather then a strict set of rules to be adhered to. Keep that "RAW" crap to your age of whatever nauseating edition.

Alternatively if I feel I need to stay a bit "competitive" then I could cut the minimum troop choices down by half or so. Flipping through Warhammer Armies it appears all the example army lists are based around 3000 points and although I haven't come across anything explicitly saying so I suspect the army choices were intended or assumed to be built around 3000 point armies.  So I think you could reasonably shrink the minimum requirements accordingly.

But I think what I really have to keep in mind is this is real Warhammer. We don't build real Warhammer armies by choosing the best most effective troops, wasting hours of time looking for that rules loop hole or perfect combination to defeat everything. We build armies around a narrative, a story line and personality.

Now that said, in the case of my 1000 point army I'm building (at least in my mind for now) everything I said above is actually pointless since I happen to love the mandatory troop choices for the Orcs and Goblin army.  I can't image an Orc army leaving home without a few dozen Boyz and their gobbo lackeys. Though I could probably do with out the Arrer boyz. So oddly I strongly suspect I will be following the army book as written for the most part.

Anyways, build your armies as you see fit is what I say.


  1. I think that your assumptions about Armies are correct...in that they are geared toward 3000 point armies. Therefore I think you can reduce the minimum unit sizes by 2/3 and then it becomes more practical. Of course another option is to just create a list for your overall army (3k? 5k? 10k? whatever) then pick 1000 points of that to paint up for the challenge. I guess what I'm saying is "don't overthink it" pick what you want to paint and have fun! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your excellent work!

  2. Thanks Blue. I'm sure this will be a 1000 pts out of my greater 10-15K Orc army.... eventually.