Wednesday, October 4, 2017

1000 Point Army Challenge: The core

So here's what I'll be working with for the first couple months.

The first unit choice was actually quite easy. This is the perfect opportunity to finish a proper crossbow unit. This Orc troop choice is unique to "Oldhammer". I believe by fifth edition these guys disappeared as a troop choice all together.

I painted about a dozen of these guys maybe 25 years ago but they're in need of a re-paint and proper basing plus I've added about another dozen that need painting. Add a couple command models and here's a nice 25 orc crossbow unit for me to chew on for the next few weeks.

Next is about 25 Boyz. Just regular old Boyz looking for a fight. A nice mix of classic citadel Orcs.

And I'll need a nice hero to lead them. Judging from the size of his hat he's at least a Lvl 10.

Fluff incoming...

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  1. I'd say a level 15 hat. Either way a great collection of greenskins for him to lead.