Monday, October 9, 2017

1000 Point Army Challenge: WIP crossbows

Some work in progress shots.

Five crossbows and a couple command.

I couldn't find the original crossbows even though I must have at least a couple dozen around somewhere. So I used a few crossbows from the old Dwarf plastic set. They look pretty good IMO and to be consistent I strung a bow string on the one old crossbow and will likely do the same with the rest.

I'm also working on their chief.  Almost done, just need a little more work on the shield sculpting.

Bye for now-


  1. Looking great and those crossbows work really well. Good luck with the challenge - always good to see more Greenskins taking to the field of battle!

  2. They look great, I like the replacement crossbows. Love the skin tones. Always good to see some Orc crossbows, nasty suprise to an enemy.